Our Story


Surf Ghetto Resin was started by Jaclyn and Shane in 2020. It all came about because Jaclyn was looking for a new coffee table and found one she loved, covered in resin, only problem, it was really expensive. So she pitched to the idea to Shane to make one. Luckily, he has years of experience repairing his own surfboards and working with resin and colors.

We started off working on little blank circles in her garage to figure out the technique and colors we liked. As this went on, the friendly people passing by in the alley started to take notice. Eventually, so much notice that passersby were asking to buy pieces. Thats when a lightbulb turned on in our heads.

Our name came as a hat tip to the surf culture of San Clemente. An ode to the shapers and surfers who made this community by the sea as unique and down to earth as it is.

We started an Instagram account and slowly gained a following. Eventually getting noticed by local coffee shop, Zebra House Coffee, who pitched the idea of putting our art featured as their artist of the month. We decided to take the offer and invest some money into this opportunity that neither of us had ever seen coming. We built a bunch of pieces, hung them on a Thursday and said a prayer.

What if nothing sold? What if it was laughed at? All these questions passed through our heads. Worst case, we figured our family would all get resin art for Christmas.

We got a call on Sunday that the wall had been nearly cleared out. 

That process repeated itself over the next couple of weeks and the following grew, the orders grew, our contacts grew.

All thanks to this lovely community we live in for giving us a chance, supporting local and looking out for the little guy. We are so blessed to call San Clemente, CA home.

We both have regular full time jobs in the hospitality industry and make resin art. Our hope is to share a piece with you and give a reminder of the beach and the peace that it brings us.